A Nod to the Future

If you have not downloaded and used a QR reader on your smartphone, you might as well be using your mobile as a paperweight.

My initial exposure to QR codes (Quick Response Codes) happened over a year ago, though I don’t remember the exact circumstances. Although I recognized that it was “cool”, I wasn’t sold on its utility in the current sphere of technology advancements. Despite the growing prevalence and influence of mobile media (stuff you can do on your cell phone), especially in this globalized world, there just didn’t seem to be a market for this technology–yet. Much like the early days of Facebook and Twitter, people knew they liked it and they knew there was potential, but people hadn’t figured out the true scope of what it could become.

The first time I used a QR code and reader in practice was during the gubernatorial election in California. I’d done my homework and I knew my candidates and my issues. As a majority of these synced up with the voting guide of a rather well-known talking head duo, I simply snapped a picture of the QR code they provided for direct access to their voting guide and ran out the door. When I got to the polling place, my voting guide was conveniently pulled up on my mobile browser. I enacted my civil duty and continued on with my day.

It’s said that technology comes to politics 3-5 years after it hits the commercial sector. I guess that didn’t apply here.

QR codes, with all their potential, have been grossly underused. However, I think that is about to change.

I’m going start by challenging you to download a free QR reader on your phone. I currently have the rather cryptically named “QR Reader for iPhone”. Next, open the app and use your camera to scan the picture of my QR code above. Pretty cool, right?

There have been numerous articles written in the last year or so about the potential that QR codes. If you don’t think that QR codes can benefit you or your business, you are wrong. I challenge you to comment, and I will give you great examples of how you can integrate this new, FREE technology into your life.

I know this sounds like some kind of weird sales pitch. But you have to admit–in this Reality 2.0, technocentric world getting ahead in life means getting ahead of technology. Also, I just wanted an excuse to make a QR code for my blog–which ideally I will be updating more regularly now that I am getting into the flow out here.

If you are interested in knowing more about QR codes, here is a link that will give you more information on what they are and what is currently being said about them on the technoblogosphere:


As a sidenote, Mashable.com is one of my new favorite sites. It primarily handles things like the future of new, social and mobile media but in a real and interesting way. Not too much jargon with very practical suggestions and insights. You might want to check it out!

Don’t forget! If you want me to tell you how QR codes can improve your life–COMMENT!

To techocentrism and the people who know what that means!

If it keeps up, man will atrophy all his limbs but the push-button finger. 
~Frank Lloyd Wright



Lazy Day Afternoon

I mentioned in my earlier post about how I am eerily capable of staring off into space for inordinate amounts of time, entertained solely by my own mind.

I did it again today, though this time while sitting on the shaded steps of the Lincoln Memorial.


The reflecting pool is gone, in its place a ditch. Apparently, it was leaking. It, like everything else in this country, had gone to shit. So they dug it up and are beginning again with a new foundation.If only would could save our own country that easily. Nothing says ‘merica like John Deere.

I remember coming to the Lincoln Memorial last time I was in DC. I imagined myself sitting on these steps, textbook in hand, pushing my reading classes up the bridge of my nose (I don’t wear reading glasses, but that’s irrelevant) as I skimmed my reading, highlight as each point struck me.

That is less than likely, this time of year at least. The memorial buzzes, humming with swarming tourists. Actually, it is more of a dull roar as accents and languages from all over the world- a real life tower of Babel- merge and bounce against the cold, hard stone walls.

It’s something Phil Spector might have appreciated, a true wall of sound.

While it may not be ideal for studying, I don’t mind it right now. The silence of my room was far more deafening. Being surrounded by the hustle and bustle of all these people is more comforting than I can describe.

A toast, to President Lincoln for ignoring what the people wanted and giving them what they needed.

“I’m dealing in rock’n’roll. I’m, like, I’m not a bona fide human being.”
~Phil Spector


imagesToday was my ByeByeQ. Do you appreciate the play on words? It was way more clever before my parents decided to have it catered by Panda Express. I guess we invited people over for Ciao Mein. Get it? It should be Chow Mein, but I wrote Ciao like goodbye. I clarified in case my brothers should ever accidentally stumble upon this page and attempt to read this. Hey guys, if you still don’t get it–ask mom to explain it. Wow, that was bitchy.

So I leave for DC on Thursday.

I know your next logical question, “Are you excited?”

I keep getting the question but for the last couple months its made me speechless. I find myself saying what I know people expect to hear:

– Yes, so excited. Nervous, but excited. I’m going to miss my family. It’s a huge step, but its what I’ve been working for.

What did I really want to say?

– Um, yeah, I don’t feel a goddamn thing.

To be honest, I don’t think many people were convinced by the charade before so today I decided to own up to my feelings or lack thereof. I explained how I’m sure it would hit me once I started on my way, or when I finally get there.

I’m not a cold hard bitch (well at least not because of this), I’ve heard similar things from my other friends. They will remain nameless- no one should be outed via blog- but there is something very complex that only other people in this situation could understand.

And then suddenly, during the middle of the day I realized I’d been hit by the emotion bus. Every time I wanted to open my mouth I didn’t know if I was going to laugh or cry or scream. It was as if all the feelings I’d been missing hit me all at once. I imagine that is what hardcore drugs are like- overwhelming, encompassing your entire body and then suddenly, you are void once again. Everything within you feeling drained in a come down fog. I stress this is what I IMAGINE hardcore drugs to be like.

Then my family trails out unit by unit, and I’m left in a house all by myself in the equivalent of a maddening post-apocalyptic silence. I realize this is what I’m moving toward. For as uncomfortable all their noise is to me, the silence might be worse. At least the chaos and its dull roar act as insulation between me and my own thoughts.

On Thursday, I’m handing over my one-way ticket and boarding a plane to DC by myself. On Thursday, I can no longer avoid my reality. On Thursday, my life will change forever.

Another toast, “To family.”

I been a long time leaving but I’m going to be a long time gone.
~Willie Nelson