Holiday Cheer Through the Years

Last year, I took you on a culinary tour of my family’s holiday traditions – from Mexican tamales to German cookies. Food isn’t the only thing I look forward to every year. Check out some of my favorites and stay tuned for more holiday pics from the archives over the next few weeks!

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25 Fun Facts For My 25th Birthday

Today marks a quarter century since my narcissistic ego took this world by storm. That’s right, October 28th is my 25th birthday! (Take that, Mom!) You know what else that means? It’s time to start the 10-year countdown until I’m eligible to run for President of the United States. While you pull out your doomsday clock, I thought I’d take this opportunity to get a little personal. Every successful politician knows how to balance strength and vulnerability. After all, no one likes a robot, just ask Mitt.

On this momentous occasion, join me in celebrating my glorious life with these 25 fun facts for my 25 years of life:

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