Hi, I’m Liane and I write The Star Spangled Girl. The title of the blog is derived from a Neil Simon play that I was introduced to in high school. I’ve always thought it was an extremely poetic phrase and when I began to think about writing about my transition from Los Angeles to Washington DC, I thought it fit the theme perfectly.

Los Angeles is a wonderfully exciting place to grow up. It’s a vibrant and diverse place with a unique blend of cultures and ideas amidst the most perfect weather I can imagine. Southern California will always be my home.

A true California girl, I graduated from UCLA in June 2010. A degree in Political Science tucked under my belt wasn’t enough though and when I began my graduate school planning, I knew that if I wanted to really dig into politics I had to go to Washington DC. I graduated from the George Washington University with an M.A. in Media and Public Affairs in May 2013.

This blog began as the story of how I packed up my flip flops, threw on a coat, and moved across the country by myself to start a new life. Today, it’s a look at the transition between the star-spangled girl I was and the woman I want to become as my future unfolds.


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