Car Trouble

I began this post in a Starbucks in St. George, Utah. I’m now finishing it up in a Starbucks in Cedar City, Utah- 35 miles away, 2 hours later. I’ve gone through all the stages of grief and I’ve resigned myself to the idea that no road trip is complete without a teensy bit of road trouble.

However, its usually the unintended hiccups and side trips that create the best stories. A couple years ago, my parents, grandparents, brothers, cousin and I went to Nassau. Upon exiting the cruise ship, we were practically accosted by “Island entrepreneurs.” My mother decides we absolutely MUST take a tour of the Island, and agrees to allow of these eager young gents show us the town. Turns out, he had no car, and no idea of the history of the Island. He just drove us around and pointed out things like where he “pays his bills” and made things up. We literally got taken for a ride. I suppose if we’d gotten a real tour it wouldn’t make for nearly as wonderful a story.

I’m crossing my fingers, waiting to escape the beautiful clutches of Utah. I spent the last couple days in Venice Beach and Las Vegas and I’m still looking forward to this kind of people watching. I killed some time earlier watching women in traditional Mormon garb load their truck at a Walmart. A Walmart…in Utah…playing Piano Man. There has to be some bright side.


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