My dad always used to say, “I don’t eat to live, I live to eat.” I’m not sure he was the first person to ever say that, but he sure does live up to its standards. An undeniable daddy’s girl, I’ve proudly adopted this mantra and everything that goes with it.One of my earliest food memories was my father calling me over to the table and telling me to eat what I thought looked like a pink and white worm. Initially I squirmed and cried and refused, but my dad–in typical stubborn Weissenberger fashion–refused to give up. Finally, seeking approval (in a way that hasn’t changed much since) I relented. It was like something happened inside me. Shrimp, huh? I could handle that. From that moment on, there really wasn’t any food I wouldn’t try.
Goat cheek? I can handle that.
Black pudding/blood sausage? Bring it!
Turtle? Yes, please.
Cow Brain? Why not!?
Eel? What a treat..
Alligator? Of course.
Intestines? Got it.
Shark Fin Soup? Two bowls please.
Fish eggs–hell, that’s kid stuff.

95% of the pictures on my phone are of food–meals I’ve cooked, meals I’ve enjoyed, meals I’ve shared. The other 5% are of Isis, my cat. She’s fat, probably because, like me, she has an affinity for food…

Food was part of the initial allure of Washington DC. People out here love to eat the way people in Los Angeles love to not eat. As winter (and the inevitable pant size increase that goes with it) slowly creeps toward us, I thought I’d take an opportunity to share one of the highlights of my DC culinary adventures–Food Trucks!

Los Angeles has food trucks, sure. Not just the roach coach kind either. I know the Korean BBQ truck that parks across from the fraternity houses at UCLA was supposed to be one of the best in the country, but I never went there. I never went to any food truck out there other than when I went to the taping of The Next Food Network Star. Los Angeles is too large and spread out and there’s traffic…food trucks didn’t make sense for my lifestyle.

Washington is the perfect city for food trucks! There are a ton of people in a number of hubs throughout the city, none of which are too far apart, and many of those people can afford to spend $10 on lunch from a truck.

How do the trucks work? Everyday, the colorful wheeled gastronomists move to different parts of the city tweeting their locations to hungry foodies throughout the city. It turns into a delightful culinary treasure hunt. I’m currently challenging myself to try 2-3 food trucks a week, so far some of the best include:

@hulagirltruck  — Hula Girl Truck
Style: Hawaiian
Favorite: Kalua Pork & Spam Musubi

@takorean — Takorean Truck
Style: Korean Tacos/Bowls
Favorite: Tofu Taco

@fojolbrothers — Fojol Brothers Truck
Style: Indian
Favorite: Chicken Curry w/ Lentils

@tastykabob — Tasty Kabob Truck
Style: Kabob
Favorite: Lamb over Rice

@feelincrabby — Feelin’ Crabby Truck
Style: Crab Sandwiches
Favorite: Crab Sandwich

@yellowvendor — Yellow Truck
Style: Korean BBQ
Favorite: Spicy Combo (Kimchi, Salad, Spicy Chicken, Spicy Bulgogi)

A toast, “To living to eat not eating to live”

There is no love  sincerer than the love of food.
~George Bernard Shaw