Lazy Day Afternoon

I mentioned in my earlier post about how I am eerily capable of staring off into space for inordinate amounts of time, entertained solely by my own mind.

I did it again today, though this time while sitting on the shaded steps of the Lincoln Memorial.


The reflecting pool is gone, in its place a ditch. Apparently, it was leaking. It, like everything else in this country, had gone to shit. So they dug it up and are beginning again with a new foundation.If only would could save our own country that easily. Nothing says ‘merica like John Deere.

I remember coming to the Lincoln Memorial last time I was in DC. I imagined myself sitting on these steps, textbook in hand, pushing my reading classes up the bridge of my nose (I don’t wear reading glasses, but that’s irrelevant) as I skimmed my reading, highlight as each point struck me.

That is less than likely, this time of year at least. The memorial buzzes, humming with swarming tourists. Actually, it is more of a dull roar as accents and languages from all over the world- a real life tower of Babel- merge and bounce against the cold, hard stone walls.

It’s something Phil Spector might have appreciated, a true wall of sound.

While it may not be ideal for studying, I don’t mind it right now. The silence of my room was far more deafening. Being surrounded by the hustle and bustle of all these people is more comforting than I can describe.

A toast, to President Lincoln for ignoring what the people wanted and giving them what they needed.

“I’m dealing in rock’n’roll. I’m, like, I’m not a bona fide human being.”
~Phil Spector


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