Notebook of a Nomad

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I felt a little like a nomad again today as I wandered alone through the streets of Foggy Bottom, the area of DC where George Washington University is located. It sounds like some place out of Tolkein’s Lord of the Ring series, though, doesn’t it?

Oddly enough, I did see a female dwarf/midget/little person today and then shortly after a man who was 6’9”. I feel bad for people who are extremely tall. I was sitting outside of Starbucks, when this giant walks passed me and this conversation occurs:

Awkward Guy On the Bench Next to Me: (yelling) Hey man how tall are you?
Giant: 6’9”
Benchyeller: Did you play ball?
Giant: Used to
Benchyeller: College?
Giant: Yeah
Benchyeller: Professional?
Giant: Only in the Dominican Republic
Benchyeller: You’re tall

I thought that last “You’re tall” was really necessary after he felt like publicly playing 20 questions with him. That’s excessive. You know tall people are tired of hearing it. Like people with accents probably want to punch people in the face when they are asked where they are from!

The picture above shows where this conversation occurred. That is not why I took the picture, though. It’s hard to take a picture of GW campus because it’s not a campus like UCLA, it is more like NYU. The school is flush with the city, camouflaged if it weren’t for the disproportionate amount of people under 25. You can tell a GW building by the blue and yellow flag. This is one of the school libraries. GW knows how to do it right, as the same building also houses a Starbucks, and just outside the doors a Sabrett hotdog stand. Studying students need their brainfood.

This is where I ate my breakfast today. I ordered a Venti Iced Sugar-Free Hazlenut Soy Latte and a Hot Veggie Panini from Starbucks. How LA, right? The barista looked at me and I could read her eyes “Who the hell does this girl think she is?”

DC is not a Soy Latte city- its too complicated and showy. DC is CERTAINLY not a Frappuccino city either- its too much frilly and whipped cream, forget it. Cities have personalities, not unlike people. And different cities have certain drinks which are more suited to its vibe. DC is most definitely a Cafe Americano city. Cafe Americano is no nonsense- expresso and water; strong and bold a Cafe Americano means business.

  • Los Angeles is a Skinny Latte city. Lively and fashionable, but nonfat.
  • Seattle, home of Starbucks, is a Black Coffee city. It’s raining, they just need to get the job done.
  • Dublin is an Irish Coffee city. They throw Whiskey in everything.
  • Rome is a Cappuccino city. It’s got flair and a kick.
  • Madrid is a Hot Chocolate city. Coffee would be too stuffy and not nearly as good with the churros!

Can you think of any others? I’d love to hear what you think about city coffee culture.

A toast, “To coffee, after all these toasts you will certainly need a cup.”

“I never drink coffee at lunch. I find it keeps me awake for the afternoon.”
~Ronald Reagan



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