A Home Away From Home

There is something about this city, I remember feeling it from the moment I stepped off the plane in Jan 2010. It feels like home, it stirs me but never unsettles me. The air is filled with a static charge and the smell of power. The drive from the airport to GW passed familiar places filled with memories that had already faded over the last year and a half. The Washington Monument, stood there over the city, illuminated in the night sky like a lighthouse calling its ship home.

Enough with the soulful spout of poetry.

Room Tour!

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This is my room. Yes, much larger than I thought it would be too. I have a single room with a private bathroom. I also have a balcony! I went out there and took these pictures of the amazing view. Directly across is the Watergate building, to the right is the Potomac River and bridge. Just after snapping these pictures and bragging to my friends about how I’m going to study on the balcony and discussing with them whether or not a beer pong table would fit out there I saw a rather small sticker at the bottom of my window.

Open Your Balcony…find a New Home
Any attempt to open this balcony will result in a cancellation of your residence hall license agreement.
Don’t do it, we’d like you to stay with us.

Are my skills of perception lacking that much? Or maybe just a selective perception… They really should have made it a big sticker and put it by the door handle. I guess that explains why the door was so hard to open/close.

My building is called the Hall on Virginia Avenue. It is located, rather obviously, on Virginia Avenue in the Northwest Quadrant of Washington DC. The building used to be a Howard Johnson hotel, notably the one used by the lookouts during the Watergate Scandal. If you don’t know what that is (Or you know you’ve heard of it but the details are feeling a little fuzzy) click on the words Watergate Scandal, I linked it to the Wikipedia page.

My address is as follows, feel free to send me lovely things:

Liane Weissenberger
GW University- Hall on Virginia Ave Rm #612
2601 Virginia Ave NW
Washington, D.C. 20052

A toast, “To Richard Nixon, a just another crocodile in the swamp”
(DC was built on a swamp)

“I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.”
~Maya Angelou


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